Artist: Mattia Paoli Title: “Chit-Chat” Technique: Acrylic and ink Support: Canvas Size: 70×100 cm Year: 2015 “Chit-chat” is a minimal painting. The red background highlights forty-two squares arranged in a six by seven matrix. Every black spot symbolizes an open mouth. 
The deeper meaning of this artwork is connected to current society, which evolved itself through mass […]

Indian Stripes

Artist: Mattia Paoli Title: “Indian Stripes” Technique: Acrylic Support: Canvas Size: 200×200 cm Year: 2018 This artwork is an abstract representation of the place were I live and I called it “Indian stripes”. For Sale on Saatchiart   Please follow and like us:


Artist: Mattia Paoli Title: “Coco Chanel” Technique: Acrylic, gold leaf, jeans, Plastic, textiles Support: trasparente plexiglas Size: 108×108×3 cm Year: 2018 It is an abstract representation of Chanel brand. The Art is not wearable. For Sale on Saatchiart Please follow and like us:

H. suggestion

Artist: Mattia Paoli Title: “Hypnotic suggestion” Technique:  Varnish and acrylic painting Support: Board Size: 80×41,5 cm   The artwork is an abstract painting. Gold traces arise from a black and white spots background. Colors seem to slide on the board until they stop and embrace some light spirals: it is a metaphor of the mind, which […]