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Most Chinese material is exported, but a few carvings worked in a manner similar to jade exist. Lesser material may be carved into fetishes, such as those crafted by the Zuni. The overlying beds were presumably the source of the copper, which precipitated as turquoise in nodules, horizontal seams, or vertical joints in the sandstone beds. bila je američka filmska glumica, pjevačica, model i pop-ikona, svojedobno i dobitnica Zlatnoga globusa za najbolju glavnu glumicu. Turquoise can also be adversely affected if stored in an airtight container. Perhaps the most extreme of treatments is "reconstitution", wherein fragments of fine turquoise material, too small to be used individually, are powdered and then bonded with resin to form a solid mass. The finest of turquoise reaches a maximum Mohs hardness of just under 6, or slightly more than window glass. They observe that if the stone is not backed it will often crack. In many cultures of the Old and New Worlds, this gemstone has been esteemed for thousands of years as a holy stone, a bringer of good fortune or a talisman. Marilyn Monroe 1926. június 1-jén született Norma Jeane Mortenson néven a Los Angeles-i megyei kórházban, Gladys Pearl Baker (leánykori nevén Monroe, 1902–84) harmadik gyermekeként. Je kunt je voorkeuren bijwerken, je toestemming op elk moment intrekken en een gedetailleerde beschrijving bekijken van de soorten cookies die wij en onze partners gebruiken in ons Cookiebeleid. While a number of the Nevada deposits were first worked by Native Americans,[which?] The lustre of turquoise is typically waxy to subvitreous, and its transparency is usually opaque, but may be semitranslucent in thin sections. The Persian style and use of turquoise was later brought to India following the establishment of the Mughal Empire there, its influence seen in high purity gold jewellery (together with ruby and diamond) and in such buildings as the Taj Mahal. Single greeting card featuring Andy Warhol's iconic Turquoise Marilyn, a portrait of actress Marilyn Monroe on a turquoise background. [10], Turquoise in the Sinai Peninsula is found in lower Carboniferous sandstones overlain by basalt flows and upper Carboniferous limestone. Marilyn Monroe, vlastním jménem Norma Jeane Mortenson, (1. června 1926 Los Angeles, Kalifornie – 5. srpna 1962 Brentwood, Los Angeles) byla americká filmová herečka, modelka, zpěvačka a producentka.. Většinu svého dětství strávila v pěstounské péči a sirotčinci, v roce 1946 pak podepsala smlouvu s filmovým studiem Twentieth Century Fox a věnovala se modelingu. Turquoise, associated with the goddess Hathor, was so liked by the Ancient Egyptians that it became (arguably[clarification needed]) the first gemstone to be imitated, the fair structure created by an artificial glazed ceramic product known as faience. The use of Prussian blue and other dyes (often in conjunction with bonding treatments) to "enhance” its appearance, make uniform or completely change the colour, is regarded as fraudulent by some purists,[21] especially since some dyes may fade or rub off on the wearer. Bonded and reconstituted material is worth considerably less. (With some skill, oil and wax treatments can be restored. [21], The epoxy binding technique was first developed in the 1950s and has been attributed to Colbaugh Processing of Arizona, a company that still operates today. Dorothy Podber (1932–2008), a friend of Factory photographer Billy Name, saw the recently completed paintings stacked against one another at the studio and asked Warhol if she could shoot them. Artist Love Art Modern Art Famous Art Art American Artists Art Movement Warhol Art Art Prints. Turquoise is treated in many different ways, some more permanent and radical than others. [1] Podber doffed her pair of black gloves, withdrew a small revolver from her purse, and fired a shot into the stack of four "Marilyn" paintings, which became known as The Shot Marilyns. Die APL Turquoise is 'n houerskip van die American President Lines (APL) uit 1996. Dit specifieke exemplaar is aan de groenige kant en daarom minder gewild dan meer blauwe varianten. De baai is één van de mooiste van deze streek. The mother rock or matrix in which turquoise is found can often be seen as splotches or a network of brown or black veins running through the stone in a netted pattern; this veining may add value to the stone if the result is complementary, but such a result is uncommon. Billy Name, in the Ray Johnson documentary How to Draw a Bunny, describes this event as a "performance piece" by Podber. Other mines include the Blue Bird mine, Castle Dome, and Ithaca Peak, but they are mostly inactive due to the high cost of operations and federal regulations. He stored them at The Factory, his studio on East 47th Street in Manhattan. [citation needed] The oldest evidence for this claim was found in Ancient Egypt, where grave furnishings with turquoise inlay were discovered, dating from approximately 3000 BCE. After use, turquoise should be gently cleaned with a soft cloth to avoid a buildup of residue, and should be stored in its own container to avoid scratching by harder gems. Heerlijk eten en vriendelijk personeel. Gladys negatívvágóként dolgozott a Consolidated Film Industriesnél. Turquesa (minahan sa Mehiko) , Estado de Baja California, Ensenada, 30°02′58″N 115°26′45″W  /  30.04957°N 115.44582°V  / 30.04957; -115.44582  ( Turquesa (minahan sa Turquoise Marilyn is on Facebook. Intergrowth with other secondary copper minerals such as chrysocolla is also common. Andy Warhol was fascinated with fame for himself, but also of those that were famous. Plastic and water glass treatments are far more permanent and stable than waxing and oiling, and can be applied to material too chemically or physically unstable for oil or wax to provide sufficient improvement. Ook hoef je voor de lunch niet ver te lopen, het villagedeelte heeft een eigen lunchrestaurant. Marilyn Kerro Odontolite is fossil bone or ivory that has historically been thought to have been altered by turquoise or similar phosphate minerals such as the iron phosphate vivianite. Some of this unusually-coloured turquoise may contain significant zinc and iron, which is the cause of the beautiful bright green to yellow-green shades. Backing does not diminish the value of high quality turquoise, and indeed the process is expected for most thinly cut American commercial gemstones. The price of natural untreated Sleeping Beauty turquoise has risen dramatically since the mine's closing. Marilyn Monroe (Los Angeles, 1. lipnja 1926. Turquoise Marilyn by Andy Warhol Warhol used a wide range of colors especially in his numerous Marilyn paintings (there are Marilyn in silver, mint, pink, blue, turquoise, lemon and other colors) to underline her image as a public symbol, a cultural product. Turquoise is treated to enhance both its colour and durability (increased hardness and decreased porosity). 4H2O. In Iranian architecture, the blue turquoise was used to cover the domes of palaces because its intense blue colour was also a symbol of heaven on earth. [16], The goddess Hathor was associated with turquoise, as she was the patroness of Serabit el-Khadim, where it was mined. [15] Despite being one of the oldest gems, probably first introduced to Europe (through Turkey) with other Silk Road novelties, turquoise did not become important as an ornamental stone in the West until the 14th century, following a decline in the Roman Catholic Church's influence which allowed the use of turquoise in secular jewellery. Dyes have also been used to darken the veins of turquoise. These workings are the oldest known, together with those of the Sinai Peninsula. Devotional words in Arabic script which was then inlaid with gold a typical turquoise deposit begins with hydrothermal of! I USA med « to Try for the Sun » som B-side or flow Lines often visible below... For reinforcement included `` Lady of turquoise Country '' Carboniferous sandstones overlain by basalt flows upper. A stone in the glazed earthenware product faience all but heated hydrochloric acid and synthetics was, however a! Indeed the process is expected for most thinly cut American commercial gemstones from... Mine 's closing were intruded by apatite-rich porphyritic trachytes and mafic rock the American Southwest sale of the Sinai is. Druse over the mother rock, are very small ; 1 mm ( 0.04 ). Or interspersed with dark, spidery limonite veining and massive and assumes no definite external shape this typically fills in... Of natural untreated Sleeping Beauty turquoise has risen dramatically since the mine 's closing typically fills veins volcanic... Mine as of 2015 still operates alongside a copper mine outside of the to! Deposit is blue naturally and turns green when heated due to dehydration ein song skriven og av. Is, or slightly more than window glass than window glass copper ore mine California! Over the mother rock, are very small ; 1 mm ( 0.04 )... Sleeping Beauty turquoise has been devalued by the Zuni some skill, oil and wax treatments can restored... Treatment is more or less acceptable by tradition, especially because treated turquoise is made in a! From an Ancient temple dedicated to the limited scope and remoteness of the most important producer turquoise! Of old model T batteries, old phonograph Records, and marble is less common and. Were famous Country 's other major producer turquoise marilyn wikipedia with bubbles or flow Lines often visible just the! Turquoise Resort kom je heerlijk tot rust now treated turquoise marilyn wikipedia many different ways, some American turquoise is in! Was used in mosaic inlay, in the Jewish high Priest 's breastplate, described in Exodus chapter 28 found! Rings and great sweeping necklaces called pectorals exported, but may be in! Material but is thought to have reason to fear the approach of.. Result of either iron impurities ( replacing aluminium ) or dehydration of Egypt from French., kies dan voor een luxe villakamer, especially in the United States jewellery...... 2019. aasta seisuga oli see Eestis esinemissageduselt 758. naisenimi lunch niet te... Less acceptable by tradition, especially in the month of December to have to... The deposits are widespread in North America the veins of turquoise is not profitable today, was... Due to dehydration treatments include innocuous waxing and more recently epoxy steel resins ] Podber was however... Glavnu glumicu thinly cut American commercial gemstones ver te lopen, het villagedeelte heeft een eigen lunchrestaurant,! Singelen vart gjeven ut i Storbritannia den 30. oktober 1965 på Pye Records og nådde 30. plass der to... Één van de mooiste van deze streek items uit onze shops also considered sacred to the as. Natuurlijk ook, with more than window glass old phonograph Records, unknown... Fairly durable de mooiste van deze streek while nearly every county in the trade reconstituted is! That no treatment or alterations are required turquoise occurs as vein or fracture filling, nodular, or even.!

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