custom motorcycle seats near me

The cover was cracked and stained. Click HERE. Customized motorcycle seat. Here's an example of a good quote request: "I have a 2007 Whiz-Bang 900. Then it slapped its Harley nameplate on some of the smaller Italian-made bikes and called it good. As you can see (above right), the repaired seat turned out smooth as a baby's butt. Before fabricating the vinyl cover we rebuilt the padding and installed a custom gel pad. Not only good-as-new...better! If you have an old bike, such as a Honda 400 Four, there are plenty of ways to recover the seat; go for an original looking cover, or have the seat redesigned to fit your body. Ultimate Motorcycle Seats is the manufacturer of the world's most comfortable motorcycle seat. In this instance, the polyurethane foam was too far gone. Car Seat Heaters |  They're not designed for your body or your bike. You're not gonna be sitting in one position riding one of these; gel pads are strictly optional. Dianna’s Shop is one of Western North Carolina’s leading shops for motorcycle seat upholstery. Saddle Craft Unit 1 Evans Yard Templetown South Shields, NE33 5SH 0191 455 6262 With the seat installed, this Shovelhead is ready for the road. If you want a seat covered in something other than black, please, Include as much info as possible in your initial quote request. Unfortunately, we couldn't do that on this seat without dramatically altering its shape. Finally, the owner wondered if white diamond stitching might be a nice tough. Tell us. The vinyl saddle was torn in places, the rubber was flat and there was rust on the seat pan. We suggested the opposite; build up the seat by adding an additional layer of foam. I tripped over a dropcloth and knocked over a ladder and spilled a bucket of paint. The bike owner didn't want to sacrifice comfort, but he wanted a seat that looked more like the original. You can determine this by inspecting your seat pan. It's tricky to cut, shape and seamlessly glue all the pieces together so they stay in place. Be sure to save everything in case we need it. The "C" model followed in '71. We can repair small tears or holes for a fraction of the price. Polyurethane foam comes in different densities and standards. This one, the CT1B, was manufactured one year later in 1970. The lateral dorsal pleats are stylish, but they also serve a purpose; a pleated seat cover is 'tackier' than a seat with a plain surface. The repairs and improvements were perfect. With a seat this thick there's plenty of room for gel, so we recommended a custom gel pad. The result is a high performance bike with retro styling, such as exposed aluminum pieces, retro-influenced bodywork, custom instrumentation and a stepped seat. Mac's Upholstery repairs, customizes and fabricates one-of-a-kind seats for jet skis, ATVs and snowmobiles. We sculpt motorcycle seat foam to fit individual riders. That way a passenger can hop on the seat every once in a while without cracking his tailbone. Finally, we dressed-up the seat with precision diamond stitching, a matching welt and a passenger grab strap. It's easy to replace the seat cover for a standard mid-sized street bike, right? We're sometimes asked to. The process begins by drying, inspecting and repairing the seat foam. This one was a real mess; it was cracked and rusted all the way through in some places. Even worse, they used the wrong type of gel. As you might expect on a bike this old, we discovered lots of rust on the seat pan. We're proud of our work and it shows. Today's premier vinyls are almost indistinguishable from standard leather. Seats on the original WLAs were stiff and uncomfortable, a far cry from the motorcycle seats of today. Using the customer's foam template, we rebuilt the foam and crafted a new seat cover using the finest marine grade black vinyl. Custom stitching. Then you have to trim and replace the damaged sections without compromising comfort or support. Today's high performance vinyls are a lot better than the junk they were using back in 1971. The distinctive two-toned leather weave pattern covers a layer of simulated ostrich skin dyed blue. We suggested turning the double bucket into a street fighter — a complete redesign/rebuild. 10093 US Highway 87, West La Vernia, TX 78121 - Best Upholstery - Competitive prices. These bikes were no frills cafe racers; throwbacks to the flat-seat bikes of the 60s and 70s. They eventually morphed into the popular Honda Rebel. Decorative stitching is a great way to dress up a motorcycle seat cover. Click HERE for details.

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