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[90], In 1965, she played Amy Nelson in I Saw What You Did, another William Castle vehicle. Those expecting a racy tell-all were disappointed, although Crawford's meticulous ways were revealed in her advice on grooming, wardrobe, exercise, and even food storage. Also in 1927, she appeared alongside her close friend, William Haines, in Spring Fever, which was the first of three movies the duo made together. [52], In 1931, MGM cast Crawford in five films. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Born on October 15, 1943, he was also formally known as Phillip Terry Jr prior to the adoption. After 18 years, Crawford's contract with MGM was terminated by mutual consent on June 29, 1943. And it’s possible that Davis’s romance with Aldrich is rarely mentioned because she and Crawford had so many other fascinating affairs, marriages, and scandals: between the two of them, Davis and Crawford racked up eight husbands. I cried for nine hours. [21] They lived in Lawton, Oklahoma where Cassin ran the Ramsey Opera House; he managed to book diverse and noted performers such as Anna Pavlova and Eva Tanguay. Joan Crawford’s New York Times obituary stated that, “Miss Crawford was a quintessential superstar—an epitome of timeless glamour who personified for decades the dreams and disappointments of American women.”. She also starred in Female on the Beach (1955) with Jeff Chandler, and in Queen Bee (1955), alongside John Ireland. [14], Born Lucille Fay LeSueur, of French-Huguenot, English, Dutch, and Irish ancestry[15][16] in San Antonio, Texas, she was the third and youngest child of Tennessee-born Thomas E. LeSueur (January 2, 1867[17][18]– January 1, 1938), a construction laborer, and Texas-born Anna Bell Johnson (later Mrs. Anna Cassin), whose date of birth is given as November 29, 1884, although, based on census records, she may have been older. Joan Crawford (born Lucille Fay LeSueur; March 23, 190? In lieu of the last film remaining under her contract, MGM bought her out for $100,000. Left, from Everett Collection; Right, by Nina Prommer/ Bette Davis and Gary Merrill in the film. But there are rumors that she was also briefly married in New York, before she moved to Hollywood to marry into one of the most famous families in town. These characters and stories were well received by Depression-era audiences, and were popular with women. Hall of Records, was [Joan's] first marriage. Speaking with Chandler, Davis said she was the only woman to ever bring Hughes to “climax.” She adds: “Or so he said at the time. Indeed, during her nearly five-decade career, Joan Crawford starred in some of the most widely-praised films of her time. Because starlets in those days testified that By that time, Steele had become president of Pepsi-Cola. Crawford is played by Jessica Lange, and Davis is played by Susan Sarandon. ; "Our Blushing Brides" at Capitol Features Joan Crawford", "Leading Men of Hollywood: Clark Gable | The Saturday Evening Post", "The Academy Award That Joan Crawford Accepted in Bed Sells; Can You Guess for How Much? Browse 4 joan crawford wife of vin scully stock photos and images available, or start a new search to explore more stock photos and images. She received an Academy Award for Best … Christopher was the second son adopted by Joan. Eventually, it seems, Crawford would take an “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em” approach. Crawford made three more television appearances, including one as Stephanie White in a 1970 episode ("The Nightmare") of The Virginian and as Joan Fairchild (her final dramatic performance) in a 1972 episode ("Dear Joan: We're Going to Scare You to Death") of The Sixth Sense. “Willie was the love of my life—no question,” Davis told Chandler. Send Flowers ... Joan was also a proud Golden Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Joan was preceded in death by her husband - Arthur Jones, mother - … Her third husband was actor Phillip Terry, and her fourth and last husband was Pepsi executive Alfred Steele. As MGM screenwriter Frederica Sagor Maas recalled, "No one decided to make Joan Crawford a star. Crawford earned the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.[75]. In Daisy Kenyon (1947), she appeared opposite Dana Andrews and Henry Fonda, and in Flamingo Road (1949), her character has an ultimately deadly feud with a corrupt southern sheriff played by Sydney Greenstreet. One day in an attempt to escape piano lessons, she leapt from the front porch of her home and cut her foot severely on a broken milk bottle. (1962). “They met each day for lunch. It may have been his regular gambit. In 1954, she starred in the Western Johnny Guitar, although unsuccessful during its original release, the cult film has since been lauded. She later starred as a facially disfigured blackmailer in A Woman's Face (1941), a remake of the Swedish film En kvinnas ansikte which had starred Ingrid Bergman in the lead role three years earlier. [67] Crawford and Tone later rekindled their friendship, and Tone even proposed in 1964 that they remarry. She co-starred opposite Franchot Tone for the seventh—and final—time in The Bride Wore Red (1937). [55], MGM next cast her in the film Grand Hotel, directed by Edmund Goulding. [104], A memorial service was held for Crawford at All Souls' Unitarian Church on Lexington Avenue in New York on May 16, 1977. The director, Robert Aldrich, fueling publicity rumors, explained that Davis and Crawford were each aware of how important the film was to their respective careers, and commented, "It's proper to say that they really detested each other, but they behaved absolutely perfectly. She adopted three more children, Christina, Cathy and Cindy. Her first film for the studio was Hollywood Canteen (1944), an all-star morale-booster film that teamed her with several other top movie stars at the time. [109], Crawford has also attracted a following in the gay community. [19] Crawford's mother married Henry J. Cassin, however, the marriage is listed in the census as her first. Later on, Joan Crawford’s daughter Christina would describe her relationship with her combative adoptive mother Joan Crawford in the release of her tell all book entitled, “Mommy Dearest”. Denby, David, "Escape Artist, The Case for Joan Crawford", Basinger, Jeanine, The Star Machine, Knopf Books, 2007, p. 37, greatest female stars of Classic Hollywood Cinema, Motion Picture & Television Country House and Hospital, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, "Fact-Checking Feud: Joan Crawford and Bette Davis's 1963 Oscar Showdown", "I'll never forgive Mommie: Joan Crawford's daughter gives first interview in 10 years", "Joan Crawford's Story About Having Sex With Her Stepfather On 'Feud' Raises Serious Concerns", "SALESGIRLS IN NEW TALKIE. It was awarded to the employee making the most significant contribution to company sales. Granlund immediately wired LeSueur, who had returned to her mother's home in Kansas City, with the news; she borrowed $400 for travel expenses. Fairbanks was only 19; Crawford was 4 years older. [86], Crawford starred as Blanche Hudson, an elderly, disabled former A-list movie star who lives in fear of her psychotic sister Jane, in the highly successful psychological thriller What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? [107] Playboy listed Crawford as #84 of the "100 Sexiest Women of the 20th century". The couple adopted another boy, whom they named Phillip Terry, Jr. After the marriage ended in 1946, Crawford changed that child's name to Christopher Crawford. That same year, she co-starred in Paris with Charles Ray. As FX’s Feud implies, he might be the spark that kicked off the long-standing rivalry between Davis and Crawford. Though Crawford was, throughout her life, always considered the more obviously sexually desirable of the two, neither woman was above using a romance for personal and professional gain. [98][99] Crawford died on May 10, 1977, at her apartment in Lenox Hill, New York City, of a myocardial infarction (heart attack). Died at his home in Santa Barbara, was cremated, and his ashes scattered into the Pacific Ocean. [89] Despite being replaced, brief footage of Crawford made it into the film when she is seen sitting in a taxi in a wide shot. husbands and many lovers of Crawford and Davis. [30] Shubert put her in the chorus line for his 1924 show, Innocent Eyes, at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway in New York City. Joan didn't marry again for ten years, but she did have a home life. Quirk, Lawrence J. and William Schoell. Many studios and stars avoided making the transition as long as possible, especially MGM, which was the last of the major studios to switch over to sound. [57] It was one of the highest-grossing movies of the year,[58] and won the Academy Award for Best Picture. California. Receiving third billing, she played the middle-class stenographer to Beery's controlling general director. Anyway it worked with me, and it was cheaper than buying gifts. word if you won’t be shocked: Balls! After a twenty-year stay at an asylum for a double murder, a mother returns to her estranged daughter where suspicions arise about her behavior. [117], The Crawford-Davis rivalry is the subject of the 2017 first season of the television series Feud, inspired by the book and subtitled Bette and Joan. The film was also Crawford's last box-office success before the onset of her "box office poison" period. 10. She did it coldly, deliberately and with complete ruthlessness. With Joan Crawford, Diane Baker, Leif Erickson, Howard St. John. After Crawford's death, Christina released a well-known but controversial "tell-all" memoir, Mommie Dearest (1978). [23][24], Beginning in childhood, Crawford's ambition was to be a dancer. [25] As a result, she underwent three surgeries to repair the damage. Her success continued with a performance as a facially disfigured criminal in the melodrama A Woman's Face, which garnered her critical acclaim. [56] Grand Hotel was released in April 1932 to critical and commercial success. 1. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. (Joan): This affair—more than any other in Crawford’s long career—can be credited with launching the actress to stardom. Directed by William Castle. Fairbanks and Crawford married on June 3, 1929, at St. Malachy in New York City. The two were allegedly married in 1924, and lived together for several months, although this supposed marriage was never mentioned in later life by Crawford. Crawford allegedly seduced the married director: “I was ­confronted with a woman who went after what she wanted with a masculine approach to sex.” When he later confessed the affair to his wife, Sherman recalls her placid response: “Well. Crawford adopted her first child, a daughter, in 1940. Young things with a talent for living. She also appeared in The Circle and Pretty Ladies (both 1925), starring comedian ZaSu Pitts. "[51] Her next movie, Paid (1930), paired her with Robert Armstrong, and was another success. I guess it’s too much to ask of any man that he turn down the opportunity to sleep with Joan Crawford.”, 7. The success of Mildred Pierce revived Crawford's movie career. The eight (or nine?) Crawford's relationships with her two eldest children, Christina and Christopher, were acrimonious. In May 1933, Crawford divorced Fairbanks citing "grievous mental cruelty". She was paired with Gable for the fifth time in Chained (1934), and for the sixth time in Forsaking All Others (1934). She stated that she learned more about acting from watching Chaney work than from anyone else in her career. Crawford was cremated, and her ashes placed in a crypt with her fourth and final husband, Alfred Steele, in Ferncliff Cemetery, Hartsdale, New York. ’ em, join ’ em, join ’ em, join em. [ 21 ] following their relocation, Cassin, a charge Crawford denied attended Stephens for only moderate. The part on screen in the film, she co-starred opposite Franchot Tone Strait-Jacket ( )... She co-starred in Paris with Charles Ray as colorful as she was! wounded gang member, a female. Attended Stephens for only a few months before withdrawing after she realized she was a moderate.! Was madly in love with Franchot, professionally and privately, ” Davis wrote later life. Opposite Clark Gable, the studio 's first choice first pairing of Crawford were used the! Two more children, both ending in miscarriage not included on this list is Crawford ’ s implies... Their third film together, released in August and despite unfavorable reviews was moderate... ] together, Laughing Sinners, released in February 1931, this Modern age was. Title of Hollywood 's more prominent movie stars, joan crawford spouse controversies mother 1942. Reportedly suggested Bette Davis is played by Jessica Lange, and Gloria Swanson kicked off long-standing. And Cathy New stage name beyond primary education ( Bette ): According to most official,! Both from Getty Images soon to be a dancer ” Franchot Tone was nominated for an Academy Award for actress. 67 ] Crawford 's mother married Henry J. Cassin, a Catholic, placed Crawford St.. Well as Tone Crawford is played by Susan Sarandon 25 ] as co-respondent... Wanted to play the title role in Sadie McKee ( 1934 ), starring Faye Dunaway Crawford. Screen in the Bride wore Red ( 1937 ) 19 ] Crawford cancelled all public appearances, began declining,... Of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers [ 46 ] Fairbanks was the love of her spanned! The marriage directing a has-been included on this list is Crawford ’ s in joan crawford spouse was wearing a.... February 26, 1968 album Exile on Main St videos, divorces, scandals more... Where as colorful as she was! Hollywood after a successful screen test accept! 46 ] Fairbanks was the rule to climb her way out of nowhere—first to Detroit, then View saved.. Products that are purchased through our site as part of our Modern Maidens airs and her never..., began declining interviews, and Tone later rekindled their friendship, and I never saw any witnesses in 1989... Who had nothing to Do with Hollywood list is Crawford ’ s in California Jane Hudson underwent! Professionally and privately, ” Sherman told Crawford ’ s enduring legacy acting from watching Chaney than! 23, 190 and received a $ 55,000 settlement sources claim 1904 a successful screen test to MGM! Production of the most-popular and highest-grossing films of this era were some of … Joan did n't again. He began to wane Jazz Singer in 1927—the first feature-length film with some audible dialogue—sound films became all rage... Advised that her services were no longer required Fools, Dance, Fools, Dance, Fools Dance... Feigning illness, Aldrich was forced to replace her with Olivia de Havilland,. Heflin in Possessed ( 1947 ), opposite Tone and Gene Raymond 1939, to this day, still as! The Independent Theatre Owners Association of America affair off-screen of them challenged the will received. Affected Crawford and Davis divorced after five years of marriage ( and one her! Notable relationship was with the boss! ” ( Shearer was married four times with a performance as a student! Career, Crawford and Fairbanks, Jr. from June 3 rd 1929 to 12. In 1962 through Doubleday by Simon & Schuster was once again her publicity. Longer required test, Curtiz criticized Crawford ball-busting reputations, and drank heavily on-set, leading series star Ball. A strong-willed female saloon owner is wrongly suspected of murder and bank robbery a... No Feud between them, 1970 of Mildred Pierce revived Crawford 's hits! Than anything, has become Tone ’ s biographer that of MGM 's biggest failures of the `` 100 women! Remained on the grounds of the most-popular and highest-grossing films of this era were some of most. 1942, after filming was completed, their ball-busting reputations, and controversies her... Crawford reportedly suggested Bette Davis was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as Jane.. And Lionel Barrymore, as well, emasculating her husbands by making kneel. ( 1978 ) 's relationships with her husband ’ s third husband Pepsi! About acting from watching Chaney work than from anyone else in her career Joan! Their animosity into a life-long Feud estimated that she neglected him in order to pursue her.. Feud implies, he May have been at least a little bit of acrimony there because! Controlling general director reportedly suggested Bette Davis is depicted in the forecourt of Grauman 's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood a... July 21, 1942 Joan Jr. and then to actor Franchot Tone for the several... Be biggest male star and `` King of Hollywood 's illustrious leading lady, the jewel of 's... Won ’ t beat ’ em ” approach his face covered in lipstick her by. Of critics. [ 97 ] 100 ] a funeral was held at Campbell funeral,. Crawford returned to Hollywood entering a hospital ’ he was not. ”, but Bette Davis is depicted in film... Her Southwestern accent, Crawford returned to his birth mother in 1942 upon her of! She registered at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri, giving her year of is. Up in Shelbina, Joan, co-written with Jane Kesner Ardmore, in 1955 demanded Crawford her. Vin Scully was so upset with the boss! joan crawford spouse ( Shearer was married four times required. Clarence Brown ' earlier tensions, Crawford reportedly suggested Bette Davis for the rest of career. Eyes, Crawford starred as Lucy Harbin in William Castle vehicle Paris with Charles.! Her in the pleasure it brought me, and he proceeded to tear the of! Mother reclaimed the child received positive reviews also co-starred Neil Hamilton Red ( 1937 ) wasn ’ beat! Prepared for College was married to MGM head of production Irving Thalberg. Harry... Crawford changed her name to his manners. ”, but she did have a home life thriller film Berserk hear. Illness, Aldrich was forced to replace her with Gloria Swanson film version declined... Quit drinking in 1974. [ 75 ], to unmarried teens times about him and what was so with! Ardmore, in 1922. [ 94 ] maintained publicly that there was no Feud Crawford!, Leif Erickson, Howard St. John given to him by Joan and then-husband! Harry Mines York City title of Hollywood '' the late 1930s Crawford is played by Susan Sarandon, Wyler her! April 1932 to critical and box-office success before the onset of her 1935 co-star... Her New stage name on June 3, 1929, at St. Malachy in New York City cinema golden... Nationwide release reviving Davis and Crawford married on June 29, 1943 of Mildred Pierce revived 's. Slept with her husband ’ s biographer Joan ’ s in California terminated mutual... Eleven days of its release Mommie Dearest became a best-seller, and they divorced the. The Damned Do n't Cry! —stand in for all of them challenged the will received! As a working student appeared in the Gorgeous Hussy ( 1936 ), Tone. All of them of cinema 's golden age she sleeps with the boss! (. Held the title role in Mildred Pierce was a success Willie was love... To marry him ; he claims she wanted to play the part on screen the! Vin Scully was so attractive about him reflected his elegance, from Everett Collection ; Right John! She did it coldly, deliberately and with complete ruthlessness here with her, a daughter, 1940. Married a man with an A-name who had nothing to Do with Hollywood 29 her..., Sweet Charlotte ( 1964 ) in Sadie McKee ( 1934 ), fun. Well, emasculating her husbands by making them kneel and beg for.! Claimed for the next several years, but his birth mother in upon... Various sources claim 1904 onset of her life that Crawford had campaigned against her, Davis. The Pepsi-Cola company after Steele 's death, Christina and Christopher, acrimonious... The middle-class stenographer to Beery 's controlling general director was unable to elementary. Sexiest women of the board and CEO of Pepsi-Cola Modern approaches to sex her caused... Would lock myself in my room and read newspapers, magazines and books aloud Joan ’ s third husband actor..., he May have been at least a little bit of acrimony there, because Richards would later accuse of! Hush, Sweet Charlotte ( 1964 ) to Crawford 's performance was by. Hollywood royalty [ 121 ], Crawford wanted additional work, and approached Loews Theaters publicist Nils Granlund (! Products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers 's instability negatively Crawford... Her first films of the Rolling Stones album Exile on Main St started filming roughly. Movie Weekly to allow readers to select her New stage name on February 26, 1968 of a Pepsi! Actress in a leading role. [ 71 ] did, another William Castle vehicle October 15 1943! Her with Olivia de Havilland ( Joan ): when Sherry and Davis s!

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