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Title: “Archetype n.5”
Technique:  digital printing
Support: canvas
Size: 50x70x0,1 cm
Limited edition of 10
Year: 2020

“Archetype” is a collection of abstract photographs.

The photos were taken with a late 1980s “Yashica” camera model and with an ILFORD film. At first the photos were developed on paper and then scanned at 600 dpi and digitally reworked with spot colors (2 or 3 tones).

On the flat red background emerges a dark black cloud.
The representation is polarized around the black spot which becomes a “necessary” element of discontinuity, although its origin and identity are not known.
The flatness or absence of anything else can give rise to the need to understand something new in the immediate future and probably unknown and difficult to understand.

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