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Title: Ἐγκέλαδος 
Technique:  digital printing
Support: thick paper
Size: 40x40x0,1 cm
Limited edition of 10
Year: 2020

The artwork is printed on thick paper.

Enceladus (᾿Εγκέλαδος) is one of the Giants, sons of the Earth according to Greek mythology; in the gigantomachia he was struck with lightning by Zeus and buried under Mount Ossa; according to another version, he was won by Athena who threw Etna on him, under which he lies.
Treccani encyclopedia

The inspiration for the arwork comes from the observation of “Enceladus”, Saturn’s natural satellite.
The composition is a revisitation of a my photo taken on a material surface.

In 2005, thanks to several close flights of the Cassini probe, details of the surface were revealed that answered many of the questions opened by the Voyager probes and asked new ones. In particular, the probe discovered a water-rich plume rising in the southern polar region. This discovery, together with the presence of internal heat leaks and a few impact craters in the South Pole, indicates that Enceladus is currently geologically active.
Its surface, reflecting almost 100% of the incident sunlight, is the ‘whitest’ of all the planets and satellites in the solar system.

In the work the element “water” is represented with a square shape, being an essential block to create life.
Below the geometric form is a whitish, wavy background that simulates the luminous surface of the planet.

The idea is to place the chemical compound of “WATER” in the foreground and above the surface, emphasizing its rarity and importance as an essential condition for the development and sustenance of life.

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